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Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz
Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby lost an incredible 2 and a half stone and credits this in part to her 3 minute body blitz, grab your copy today and see what changes you could make.
Scottish Slimmers Magazine - Autumn 2016
The Autumn 2016 edition of Scottish Slimmers Magazine is here to help you on your slimming journey. Full of healthy recipes, motivational member stories and tips on how to make the most of your eating plan you won't want to miss this issue. Grab your copy here today!
Scottish Slimmers Magazine - Spring 2017

The first 2017 edition of your favourite Scottish Slimmers magazine is here to help get you started on your weight loss journey. Read up on some new additions to our Scottish Slimmers classes including our new Feelgood Plan, Chexercise and so much more, and enjoy reading about fellow member successes as well as tonnes of tasty new recipes!

Flexi Food
Give all of your food the feel good factor with these simple, delicious meals and snacks you can enjoy everyday.

£1 from all sales will be donated to our charity partner, the British Heart Foundation.
Flexislim Home Pack
Everything you'll ever need to follow the Feelgood Food Plan or our Classic Checks Plan at home

Scottish Slimmers Magazine - Summer 2017

Our Summer 2017 edition of the Scottish Slimmers Magazine has landed.
Let us guide you to a slimmer, Feelgood summer, fill up on some tasty new summer recipes by Nick Nairn and read up on some of our amazing new successes, like our cover star Lisa Busza from Inverness who has lost over 4 stone!

More Meal Ideas
Even more meal ideas suitable for following our Feelgood Plan or our Classic Checks Plan!

Class + Online Pass
Get the best of both with our Class + Online pass.

10 weeks of in class and digital support and slimming advice for only £64.50
No Check Food Book
The same great No Check foods with a brand new look!

Make use of your No Check allowance and Everyday Bonus Foods with our new No Check Food Book.
Going Out Guide Plus

Hundreds of meals, drinks and snacks from your favourite eateries!

Daily Checker Plus AND Going Out Guide Plus

Track your Checks both at home and when you are out for perfect PEPing!

Slimmer of the Year 2014 Final Tickets
Come along to the Final of the Scottish Slimmers Slimmer of the Year 2014 which will take place on Sunday 23rd November at the Westerwood Hotel & Golf Resort near Cumbernauld
Wee book of Lighter Baking

Baking blues following the Great British Bake Off? Fret no further, get your mitts on and enjoy Check friendly recipes with Scottish Slimmers Wee Book of Lighter Baking.

Wee book bargain bundle

Enjoy all of the recipes from Scottish Slimmers Wee Book of a Lighter Christmas and its wee friend the Wee Book of Lighter Baking in this £5 bargain bundle

Wee book of a Lighter Christmas
Are you still dreaming of a lighter Christmas? Enjoy all of your traditional festive favourites with Scottish Slimmers Wee book of a Lighter Christmas.
Fast Food Makeover
Need food - fast! This new book is just for you!
Treat Yourself

Simple, quick, easy - but special recipes just for you or to share

Daily Checker Plus
Food diary and Check list all-in-one!
Low-Cost Meal Makeover

Recipes to help you tighten your belt!

Quick, tasty meals using great-value ingredients!

Leftover Makeover
Love food - but hate waste! Money-saving and food-saving ideas for getting the most out of your food - and your pocket!
SPECIAL OFFER: Fast Food, Leftover and Low Cost Makeover -

SAVE when you buy the latest set of handy recipe books!

Tasty ideas for busy households!

6 week saver pass
Feel the CHANGE in just 6 weeks!

In 6 weeks, feel the difference in your clothes, your energy and yourself!


12-week saver pass
Keep your motivation going for a whole 12 weeks!

Now includes two holiday weeks!